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Wouldn't it be great if you could heal yourself by simply listening to audio frequencies?

Guess what, it is possible and just as easy as it sounds.

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Alpha Frequency - The Alpha frequency is closely associated with Zen meditation, visualizations, better memory as well as learning enhancement.

Energizer Frequency - The Energizer frequncy is able to provide people with a boost in energy levels as well as an increased ability to concentrate.

Chi Energy Frequency - Chi Energy is known to increase energy as well as produce a measurable boost to a person's alertness. This frequency can also improve charisma.

Serotonin Frequency - This frequency can help a person naturally boost their serotonin levels which is important for sleep, appetite, temperature and even blood vessel control.

Endorphin Frequency - Endorphin frequncies are able to provide people with natural pain relief.                  

Stress Reducer Frequency - The Stress Reducer frequency can help you attack stress at its core.

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