Food, Weight & Feminine Power

Your Keys to Embody the Sacred Feminine
for a Healthy Body & a Vibrant Life

  • 90 minutes Interactive call with Live Q&A

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Food, Weight & Feminine Power

This teleclass will help you to:

  • Recognize inner voices that cause you to hold extra weight as a means of protection.
  • Realize the lies and misperceptions that you buy into and
    subconsciously organize your habits around.
  • Reveal the truth of what the feminine is and the sacred
    nature of what you were created to be.
  • Receive keys to begin to release the false information and realign with your core truths.

Have you ever lost weight and then felt uneasy or unsafe,
like you’d feel more secure with a few extra pounds?

Or perhaps you're fed up with the expectations and pictures
society imposes on women and you have no desire to conform to that nonsense?

Or maybe you've lost weight before and felt alive and sexy,
but then worried you wouldn't like who you might become...

I know this journey because I lived it.  I had the lowest self-esteem of anyone I knew.  In my struggles with food and my body, I could relate to all this - and more.  I thought to be a woman meant to give myself away at every turn – sexually, emotionally, professionally, energetically, financially – you name it.  

When I met my spiritual teacher almost 20 years ago, he made it his mission to teach me the truth of what the Divine created in the feminine.  He taught me to be strong and command respect for myself, but not from a place of assumed inferiority. 

He taught me the sacred, holy nature of the woman and all the strength and power that is contained in that nature.  And he taught me secrets to keeping myself safe.


If you join me for this FREE Webinar,
Food, Weight & Feminine Power,
I will share with you the key lessons I learned
in discovering the truth of the feminine,
and give you valuable tips so you can adopt
the changes you need to feel secure and confident in your skin, to have a healthy body and a balanced life.

Hope to see you there!

Debra Graugnard
Joyfully Living Wellness