High on Music - Low on Cash?

In need of a secondary income to keep your art alive?

Learn how other artists pay their bills and stay in the game.

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In this webinar:

  • You have one main passion in life - your music
  • You spent as much time as possible on your music 
  • Your goal is to make it in the music industry - one way or the other
  • However - you’re not quite there yet. You may be making some money from your music but not enough to pay the bills
  • You are doing all kinds of weird jobs to get by. Jobs that you fundamentally feel is a waste of your time

How to concentrate 100% on your art!

Learn how to create a secondary steady income that will give you back your artistic freedom.

Get rid of the ever nagging feeling of not having enough money for the rent.

It is amazingly simple - and as a musician you already possess the fundamental skills.

Your presenter

Niels Andersen. Founder of Free Living Academy.

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