Elite Car Club

A simple way to make money and have access to exotic cars

Become a member from as low as AED 10,000 & make a profit of up to 2% a month and have access to all type of Sports Cars

Also, signup for a free account, refer a friend and get AED 100 for each successful referral.

  • Car delivered to your doorstep with just one sign and no lengthy paperwork
  • Best online account system, where you see your profit and available balance
  • Exclusive events for members every month



The Program

The idea is simple. Everyone rents a car at some point of time. We give you the opportunity to rent a car and make profit. You become part owner in the car and get the benefit. It starts from as low as AED 10k. We believe in the power of people and network which means, you must have friends or co-workers who at some point will be needing our services, so make it short, it is a win-win situation for both the parties. Our investor becomes our brand ambassadors.

  • Attractive profit of up to 2% a month or 24% pa
  • Relationship manager to make the booking for the car
  • One sign does it all - no need for lengthy paperwork and credit card
  • Latest exotic cars namely, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley
  • We have our own garage so any damage not covered by insurance (tyre or bumper scratch -hit & run) will be fixed at a reasonable rate. Other car rentals would charge you for the day car is in the garage
  • Complete peace of mind while renting the car
  • Best online system where you see your profit and invoices
  • Free credit offered for successful referral
  • Pay by credit card, put the payment on EMI and make .5% pm
Refer a Friend:

Once you signup for a free account, you get a unique link sent to your email, which when you share with your friends, each successful referral will get you AED 100 in your account. You can redeem your credit here

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