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WIN a Special $60 Cat Crate
Featuring some of the best items from previous Cat Crates
Catoro prize pack
What's Included in The Prize?
Give your cat the ultimate gift box, featuring some of the best items from previous Cat Crates. 

This special Cat Crate is valued at over $60...

And there's only one available!
What is a Cat Crate?

Every Cat Crate is stuffed with 10-15 pawsome items for you and your kitty. You'll get bestselling things for less! 

Each month, Cat Crate includes a surprise mix of fun toys, tasty & healthy treats, something for your cat's health, and some stuff for you too! 

Want Some Examples of Previous Cat Crates?
Supporting Rescue Cats

If you care about doing good, Cat Crate is the cat subscription box for you!

Some businesses donate a small, token percentage of their profits... But not us! We use any proceeds to directly care for the many rescue cats that live in our store.

They are often sick or injured, and your support helps us provide high quality care, until we can find them loving homes.

So if our mission inspires you, why not purchase a Cat Crate today?

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We're a cat cafe and pet supply store based in Vancouver, Canada.
We feed and house rescue cats, taking care of them until we can find them loving forever homes.

Our cat cafe is a space for people to relax, destress, and enjoy the healing powers of animal therapy... And maybe meet a new furry family member!

We offer high quality pet supplies to support our cat cafe, so that we can keep caring for cats in need.

By buying your pet supplies with Catoro, you're supporting the rescue of more animals in need!

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