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If you have mornings that start with your child running all over the place, not wanting to go to school, and you are running out of time and patience, I have a short video presentation to help you. 

My name is Leah Irby and my journey in parenting an autistic/ADHD/PDA super amazingly creative child started after already being a music educator for 20 years.

I've witnessed my child struggle to get to school and then end up in burnout with anxiety based school avoidance for 5 months while I then struggled with the system and looking for accommodations. We ended up moving and changing schools, but through all of it, I was able to remain connected to my child. I discovered how powerful it is to speak up and sing to help connect with my child and relieve my stress. 

I help parents and teachers who are experiencing burnout or who have experienced it in the past. You are not alone. Your voice is important. Let me help you sing your way to better health. 

I am not talking about joining a choir - although it's great if you do that too. I'm talking about every day, using your voice to sing with the kids in your life. I'm talking about holding space for you to show up and shout out loud when you are angry. I'm talking about re-learning the power of your voice.

I'm talking about defending your child's right to feel safe, loved, and connected at home and school.

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