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Become God-Like Now !

Life is about 'Choosing', so...


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"This was a jaw-dropping eye opener for me."

Dr. Joe Vitale, The Secret

"I was intrigued by the 10 Sections enough to buy it and help their Mission but I didn't expect much. Well, I was blown away and I truly see things differently. I am re-excited about life. This is brand new info!"

-Armando Aversa, Author of Because You Believe

Excerpt from "Become God-Like Now":

"If we're all so unconsciously programmed, meaning we didn't get to choose to believe what we think we believe, then we are all completely innocent.  Let me say that again.  WE ARE ALL INNOCENT!! (All Caps Kanye-style)"

"This is New Age stuff. It simplifies deep truths and puts them in a simple response formula. Yes, it is potentially life-changing in my opinion."

-WyleanerTVshow, Religious Discussions

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1 Who/What is God (Creator, Universe, I Am, Love, Source, Bliss, Supreme, One, "Ahhh")?
2 What is the purpose of life?
3 Programming & Soul Contracts
4 Trick yourSelf into Godliness
5 Who is the voice in my head?
6 Mission Vision
7 Powerful Interruption
8 Breakthrough in Opinion-ing
9 Godliness in Action
10 The 7-Day Challenge

"Hi, I'm K. Scott, author of Drive Me To Think, and I don't quite know why We (I Am) split into billions, perhaps infinite numbers of physical, time-space life forms to endure seeming suffering and lack, but we did. Good news!...that makes us all siblings. Bad news...siblings tend to fight, but we don't have to and we won't, just as soon as a larger fraction of us get on our Missions, our Blueprints, our Purposes. This eBooklet is dedicated to creating that larger fraction.
"We claim mercy because we aspire to attain perfection; we would be like God." -The Urantia Book; 131:5.5 (1450.4)"

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