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What people are saying about

Martin Sean's prints:


I purchased Martin's Family Crossing and Lost World prints in December '21. Being a lover of Elephants and Landscapes and a collector of prints, these were easy choices for me. I could see the Lost World mounted in the same room as my Ansel Adams prints and the Family Crossing sharing a room with my David Shepherd prints. Having mounted them, I can say they both deserve their place. In my view, the mark of an artist is their ability to create something that solicits an emotional response. These prints do just that for me. They put a big smile on my face, remind me of my time on safari and give me a longing to visit Antarctica. They also bring the beauty and fragility of nature into clear focus in my mind. You can't ask for more than that.

- Jon


"A stunning piece of art that has pride of place in our house and can be seen from multiple rooms."

- Mark


"Amazing, highly recommended! Bought 3 shots, beautifully shot and framed, hung in my living room! Thank you"

- Johnathan


"It was a tough decision as there were many excellent prints to choose from. I adore this fine art black and white photo of a leopard drinking! The texture and the detail in the photo are stunning, and it's such a unique and beautiful piece of art. I'm so happy I purchased it!"

- Camille


"Cannot speak highly enough about Martin Sean's work. Great photography and Martin is incredibly knowledgeable about the technical side and the subject matter. Feel privileged to have some of his work in our home. Thank you."

- Mike

What is "Out Of The Grey?"

Out of the Grey is a collection of 60 limited edition black and white wildlife prints by photographer Martin Sean. The diverse and breathtaking images in the collection will take you on a journey from the plains of Africa to the streets of Asia and the frozen landscapes of the Svalbard Archipelago, South Georgia Island and Antarctica.

Encounter apex African predators in the pitch-black of night and traverse icy tundras and windswept plains where you’ll come face to face with polar bears and penguins.

Every photograph in the collection is expertly crafted to reveal a unique aspect of a specific species or environment. When seen as a whole, OOTG is both a celebration of the natural wonders surrounding us and a poignant reminder of their fragility.

The Joy of Wildlife Prints

What is unique about wildlife prints, and why are we drawn to wildlife art?

⭐️ When you look at wildlife prints, you feel connected to nature.

⭐️ They remind you of all the amazing places and beautiful experiences you have had.

⭐️ Each print is like a story waiting to be told.

⭐️ Wildlife prints represent your love of adventure and appreciation for the natural world.

⭐️ They remind you there is beauty to see and explore in this world.

⭐️ Wildlife prints make a great conversation starter.

⭐️ They are the perfect way to add some personality to your home or office.

⭐️ They are a beautiful and unique way to decorate your space.

Why Black and White?

Black and white photography is the best way to capture a subject’s true essence. When it comes to wildlife photography, it allows you to see an animal without the distraction created by colour and focus on its features and form.

Here are four more reasons to decorate your home or office with black & white photography:

  1. Life may be richer in colour, but that isn’t always the case with photography. By removing the colour, you remove the most distracting element from an image and allow aspects that may otherwise have been overlooked to become prominent.

  2. Because we are so accustomed to seeing in colour, black and white images tend to make us stop and pause when we see them. While it’s fair to say that art serves many purposes, capturing our attention and entertaining our eyes are certainly some of the most obvious.

  3. Black and white photography is highly versatile because it works well with almost any colour palette and fits many decorative styles.

  4. Black and white images have a timeless quality that makes them ideal for decorating sophisticated, luxurious and formal spaces.

Meet Martin Sean

Martin Sean is a wildlife and nature photographer based in London, UK. He has been photographing some of the natural world’s most iconic creatures and locations for over 20 years. He specialises in creating fine art black and white prints that are carefully selected from his diverse portfolio of work. His travels have taken him to every continent, many an island and some of the most remote locations on the planet.

His passion for photography truly took off when he became a scuba diver and began exploring the fascinating and alien world beneath the waves. He aspired to share its largely unseen beauty with as many people as possible. This was made substantially easier with the advent of digital photography and as an underwater photographer, Martin was one of those early adopters who could see the massive benefits of having more than just a 36 shot reel to work with. He is also a qualified divemaster and technical diver who has been to a depth of over 100 m/330 ft, far beyond the limits of regular recreational scuba diving. Some of the notable dive locations he has visited include the Galapagos archipelago, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Maldives and the Red Sea.

As a true lover of all things nature and a passionate explorer, his interests inevitably widened to include land-based photography as well. Not one to eschew extreme environments and remote locations, over the last decade, he has spent much of his time photographing subjects in places such as the Arctic & Antarctic, as well as many of the world’s great deserts, jungles and plains. Some of his favourites include Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, South Georgia Island, Antarctica, Mongolia, Vietnam, Namibia, Kenya, Egypt, and his native United Kingdom.

Through his work, Martin aims to both celebrate the beauty of the natural world and raise awareness about the challenges it faces from us, humanity. Ultimately, he hopes that these snapshots into the lives of unique individuals and species will inspire people to preserve our planet’s vanishing natural wonders through more than just images.

Martin Sean Limited