Pilates Place celebrates

National Pilates Day 

Saturday 5 May 2018

with a great online competition! 

you could win a

Barre Pilates or Reformer course

a six week course 

( value £84 )

at the Pilates Place, Stratford upon Avon


  • Competition closes Saturday, 5 May, 2018 @12pm

Enter here to win, win, win!

Both classes suitable for beginners

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Barre Pilates Class

Barre Pilates combines the very best of a ballet barre workout with all the technique and principles of Pilates. These two disciplines work beautifully together, because they share so much in practise.

  • improve posture and balance
  • strengthen core muscles
  • increase flexibility 

Reformer Pilates Class

Reformer Pilates is performed on a Reformer machine, which uses springs to add resistance to your workout. This resistance provides a dynamic workout for the legs, arms and core.

  • improves core strength
  • develops spinal mobility
  • encourages joint stability