Delicia is Giving Away $5,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency

Check out the video to find out more about Delicia. Then enter the competition to win one of 5 x $1000 grand prizes.

Limited Time Only

Summary of Rules:

1. Entrants will win the biggest prize attributed to them. In the next page you will learn about extra bonus prizes. However, if you win the a grand prize of $1000 of tokens, we will not also give you a second bonus prize.

2. Cheating is not allowed. We use software that automatically detects fraud. If the software picks up suspicious activity, your entries into the competition will not be accepted.

3. Your email is safe with us. We will use your email to inform you about Delicia and about the competition. You will also be added to our whitelist that gives you 30% off our ICO. You can unsubscribe at any time.

4. Dollar amounts quoted refer to the ICO price of the coin. Coin value may fluctuate thereafter.  

5. Winners will be announced June 30th.