Do you find little time to go to the gym while running around after your family? 🙋 Are you looking to start exercising, but have no childcare arrangements? 🙋 Do you find that the only ‘you-time’ is when your children are in bed? 🙋

Then you are in the right place! 👍 We run fitness classes - especially for parents – which are streamed straight into your living room, from 9 pm Sunday to Thursday! Right now, we are running an exclusive competition for YOU to WIN 1 year’s FREE fitness membership with us on our £1 per day programme! 💪

You don’t have to go to the gym🙅‍♀️, there is no need to find childcare🙅‍♀️ AND you can start focusing back on YOU and your health! 🙆‍♀️

Check out the 13-minute video telling you all about our programme. This programme was designed by parents for parents. You'll see why when you see the video. Please fill in the form below to enter the draw to win a year's free training on the programme. You will get a 7-day free trial just for doing so.

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Once you have filled in the form you'll be diverted to a super cool page where you can get more entries into the competition. By entering the competition to win a year’s free training you will get the following emailed to you within seconds.

  • A full factsheet on the programme if you don't have the time to watch the video.
  • Free entry to our competition- a year’s free training is worth £360.00.
  • A 7-day free trial to the programme worth £7.50. However, you can extend it to 10 days for a nominal sum of £1 which lots of people do.
  • Free subscription to the Sunday video newsletter RRP £30 a year.
  • Free subscription to the daily health hint of the day which helped one lady lose 2 stone just by following emails sent to her inbox. That is worth £30 per month.
  • A share link to share around. If anyone becomes a full paying customer through your link you get 50p per month if you are not on the programme or £1 per month if you are a full paying customer. That is potentially worth a lot of money to you.
  • A free copy of 007 ways for mums to lose weight without hiring a personal trainer written by James Bond personal trainer RRP £10.
  • A whole range of meal plans for people for all sorts of people worth £100.