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* Our BLUE BOX is for Dads, and it's filled with tried and true gifts he's sure to enjoy - a snack mix bag, bottle of grilling spice, beard comb, money clip, wallet bottle opener, a pocket-sized book of everyone's favorite Dad jokes and an artesian quality pen.

* In our PINK BOX, you'll find the Chorez Spa Bundle, which was designed for Mom in mind and has all the things she can use to relax, including chamomile tea, a scented candle, fresh lavender, lip balm, lotion, salt scrub, pumice and of course, chocolates!

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What is Chorez?

Chorez™ is a product from the folks at COWALA CO. LLC, a company devoted to digital tools related to finance, family and productivity.  Based in Wilmington, NC, COWALA started as a family business (literally) in 2015, when the company's founder, Peter Robichau, sat down with his wife and kids to talk about ways to improve "family operations." They worked through the process of defining roles and developing systems that would lead to a collaborative household - where expectations were clear and where rewards were based on performance.  The "Robichau kids" came up with the company name COWALA, which is an acronym for Cool Organization With a Lame Acronym, then they settled on a family brand/logo, and thus, COWALA was born.

COWALA CO. LLC was formally established in 2017 to bring good family management systems and tools into the digital age, and the first product offering from this venture is the Chorez ™ mobile app. This Chore Management System solves the problems with a traditional chore list, and adds a host of features and benefits that only a digital system can offer.