66% of college grads cannot find jobs in their field.

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Why The Money School Atlanta?

Millenials: Ages 21-37 are 31% of our voting population and are the most educated generation in human history. Contributed $1 trillion to nat’l student loan debt. Carry the highest unemployment of any age/working group in last 40 years. 40% of college grads are employed in non-degree jobs. Millenials witnessed the birth of the IT age (untapped tech opportunities) yet chose to keep with tradition and go to college.

66% of College Grads CANNOT find jobs in their field 

Opt out of the "recessions" and "depressions" for good. This system has already turned more than 100 ordinary folks from all walks of life into certified millionaires. It’s not every day a window to true wealth opens up like this. If there are still spots left when you are invited to an event like this, you MUST jump on it as fast as humanly possible!

Ever known someone to earn or suddenly receive a lot of money and you ask yourself: "Where is their money going?" Have you ever gotten a large sum of money and promised yourself that you were going to "do the right thing... THIS time!"? Why doesn't having more money ever lead to financial freedom?  The Moore Money Method is an amazing combination of wealth building components that include 3 key ingredients

  • The first is known as Economic healing which is the release and removal of mental blocks to money. This is essential to wealth building! 
  • The second component in The Moore Money Method is Financial Integrity & Dignity. This section covers how to grow out of your old money ideologies and develop new ones. You’ll understand the importance of taking responsibility for the financial choices you’ve made. Hey, if you can make choices that get you in a financial bind you can UN-make them. Realize that you’re not at the mercy of the world. You do have control over your financial situation. I’ll help you to take back control because the best way to predict your future is to create it.  
  • The third and final component is Capital Inclusion. You'll gain Mastery in these financial disciplines: Credit, Earned, Passive and Portfolio income, Advance Investing, Wealth Accumulation, Dynasty and Legacy building.