Want To Lose Weight At Home Without Possibly Being Arrested For Exercising Outdoors?

Do you want to start exercising but don’t have the time to go to a gym? 

Enter the draw to win a year's membership to the new fitness and weight loss programme for nice people like you designed by nice people like you.

All entrants get a 7-day free trial and a whole load of bonuses as you will see below.

On top of that if you exercise a few times a week you can bolster your immune system and further protect yourself against nasty bugs.

We recognize that people are struggling financially due to the coronavirus so we have lowered the price to £1.50 per day. If you come on board we take a payment of £9.99 per week every monday by direct debit to coincide with tax credits. We are not greedy and promise you that if numbers pick up as we expect we'll do our best to fund food banks and the like to help those who are struggling. 

Now for every 5 full paying people we sign up we will create a scholarship place to someone on low income.

Ask yourself a question. Do you want to start exercising but don’t have the time to go to a gym?

Well, you don’t have to go to a gym. We’ll come to you via live streaming

We run classes every evening (Sunday to Thursday) at around 9 pm and you can attend 1, 2 or all. The choice is yours but just remember that the more classes you attend the better the results. We hold the classes around 9 pm because that is when the little ones are in bed- hence the name Mums in Mind- it's the only time many mothers can exercise!

Your health will improve, you'll sleep better, you'll be less stressed, you'll feel more body confident, your clothes will fit you better and you'll get more compliments from your friends. if there are any clothes you dare not wear because they don't fit, well that'll go out the window. You'll feel more gorgeous. We'll help you develop that hour glass figure dealing with those problem ladies areas, the inner thighs, the legs, bums and tums.

Fill in the form below to enter the draw to win a year's free training on our £1.50 per day programme and just for doing that you'll get a 7-day free trial and you'll get all the goodies below sent to you. The next draw takes place on the first of every month

We've lowered the price since we recognise people are suffering financially in these hard times.This is not to devalue what we do. It's just that we recognise the financial pressures of the Coronavirus 

We don't want financial pressures to compromise your desire to get in shape.

All you need to do is: fill in the form below and you get all the following bonuses shown on the video.

You get: 

  • A factsheet on the programme.
  • FREE entry to our competition- a year's free training is worth £360.00 per year. 
  • A week's free trial for FREE RRP £7.50
  • Your own share link and you get paid for every full paying customer you get us.
  • A FREE copy of how to lose weight without hiring a personal trainer written by a personal fitness trainer RRP £10 (picture below.)
  • £100 worth of meal plans emailed to you FREE on the day after you register.
  • FREE subscription to our email daily health hint of the day RRP £30 per month.
  • FREE subscription to our Sunday video newsletter RRP £30 per year.

More details are on the video.

If you choose to continue after your no-obligation 7-day trial then the pricing is £1.50 per day depending on the contract you take. 

The draw takes place on the first of every month. If you don't win then I'll put you in the next draw and so on. If you take a contract and you win I'll just stop your payments. Don't worry I've thought of everything! Hope you like the picture of me below.

Don't delay enter today.