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Giveaway Ends In:

The Warming Tracker is a Bluetooth app controlled heated jacket & vest for women and men. It's the newest in wearable tech!

What You'll Get If You Win-

We'll send you the Warming Tracker 2-pack, which includes everything you'll need for your next outdoor adventure.

  • 2 AppWEAR® Warming Tracker jackets or vests

  • AppWEAR® app (available in Android or iOS)

  • 2 batteries to keep your jackets or vests warm

  • 2 chargers for the batteries

Total USD Value: $750

The Warming Tracker by AppWEAR® jacket & vest generates a warm, safe and enjoyable user experience that is compatible in all outdoor areas for you - the outdoor enthusiast, the northern city commuter and the winter sports fan. Control the temperature manually or by using the AppWEAR® App.

The AppWEAR® Warming Tracker jackets & vests are machine washable and feature:

  • An LED silicon push-button for manual heat control 
  • Three heating pads, front and back of the jacket and vest
  • Composite heating system for durability and reliability
  • RECCO tag for added safety (this makes you searchable when exploring the elements)
  • Made of water and rain resistant fabric, with insulation for added warmth
  • Four levels of heat, adjustable for your comfort 
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge (battery can be used to charge your smartphone as well!)

Supported by Bluetooth technology, the AppWEAR® Mobile App will track your movements and activities, and can provide visibility to others using the app. The AppWEAR® App is available for Android and iOS mobile smartphones.