Join the freedom revolution - Enter to win a trip to beautiful bali
And more amazing prizes that will change your life!

Ready for this beautiful journey? 

I have a question for you

What means FREEDOM to you? 

I have created this giveaway for you to find it out and go on your own FREEDOM REVOLUTION.


Do you know the feeling of living someone else’s life, because all this doesn’t seem to belong to you? 

That was me not too long ago. We had everything one could want, but something felt off.

There were two options, whine about it or actively do something. 


- And oh girl, we did something... 

We donated almost all we had to good causes.

(I could tell you stories that would definitely make you laugh and cry at the same time)

In one year we slow traveled 5 countries, from Europe, to the UAE, to Asia, grew our online businesses and explored a world beyond beautiful.

It felt so pure, so aligned and so clear that I intuitively found my way to Bali, this extraordinary island. 

I suddenly met the right people at the right time in the right places, and got inspired to write „The Freedom Revolution - A guide to creating your authentic digital nomad empire: Create a life by design and the world as your backyard“ in what now feels like just one deep breath. 

To celebrate this breakthrough I want to give 2 women the chance to experience the same. The freedom to be in this incredible place and absorb this extraordinary energy to find their true power. That’s my way of giving back.

The Prizes:

Two lucky winners get to experience Bali for 11 days (10 nights), including their amazing Hilton breakfast buffet and transportation from and to the airport with a person of their choice. Your hotel vouchers are valid for one year!

+ Some other amazing prizes that will be announced in the next days, which will guaranty, that everyone who participates here will be a winner (of course I can not invite everyone to the Hilton in Bali but the other prizes can also literally change your life).

How can I participate:

Just click the button, sign up with your favorite e-mail address and you’re good to go. It’s as easy as that. 

Is there a way to increase my chances of winning?

Yes absolutely! Like with everything in life, it gets better when we share. The more friends you invite, and the more you spread the word on social media, your blog, your podcast, your website, or wherever, the more entries you will get. You will have time to collect more entries by sharing the giveaway until the end on 8. of April 2020.

How do you know how much I shared:

When you sign up you get a unique link, which you will pass on, when you share. To make it super easy, you can do that with just one click on the next page and have full control about where and what you share. 

The ultimate goal is to show as many women as possible, that Freedom is a choice everyone can make. When you share this message, its a statement and already a win in itself.

No strings attached.

This could be your journey. 

Take the leap. 

It’s just one click.

I am looking forward to hopefully welcoming you to Bali

Lots of love and the best of luck,