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Stress may be causing disease and actually killing you.

Stress is expressed through psychological and physical symptoms. If we stopped dividing diseases into these two groups, we would have access to a whole new way of influencing chronic diseases.

If you look at your symptoms in relation to the body’s reaction to stress, then you have access to influencing your symptoms by addressing the causes of stress

It has been proven that stress has a huge impact on many diseases. So instead of focusing on what you cannot do, in this course, we focus on what is doable- reducing stress.

Who is

It is a community of people and professionals, that via natural therapies, coaching, training, and devices help troubled people to become better.
Via new knowledge, overview, and useful exercises we give you a better way of thinking healthily.

Like in a shopping mall we collect all useful knowledge in one web portal, so you have a one-stop-shop to better health.

Subscribe to the newsletter and download a stress test, which in 40 questions gives you a clear picture of your biological stress type and gives you hints on how to improve.
The test is the precursor to an online stress course called "HOPE Shortcut" and a web portal with the same name.

Due to 3 years of investigating people with chronic diseases and how they recovered from stress, symptoms, and chronic diseases such as Parkinson's disease trauma we here give you their strategies and explain what these do to you and your health.

We have helped people with Parkinson's disease reduce their stress-related symptoms via these strategies.
All diseases and symptoms get worse from stress, so why not start actively reducing your stress levels (stress, pressure, anxiety, blame, guilt, perfectionism. trauma).

The stress test is the inspiration for an online course I call

HOPE Shortcut

Find more information here if you are ready to become better

Without stress, your troublesome symptoms 
may be minimal 

Get curious about the variation in the pattern of symptoms.

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